06 maio, 2017

The perfect crochet bikini

Last summer I tried doing my own crochet bikini but after realizing it was way to much work I decided to go for the easy option and went straight online shopping.

I spend most of the year inside a bikini so it is important for me to choose the right model and style. I know what looks good on me already and when it comes to the design I just follow the trends and eventually get sucked up to a specific style. Right now I'm all about crochet bikinis.
If you follow me on instagram (which you should, @marapickles) you would have noticed I'm already embracing the trend with my newest crochet bikini top.
I know how to crochet so last summer I decided I wanted to create my own bikini. If you want any advice: don't do it. It's way too much work specially when you can find beautiful designs online for a lot cheaper! They will probably look better than the one you did yourself and you will save a lot of your precious time.
After realizing this I went online and found some cool models on Rosegal's website and now the problem is I can't decide which one to order.
I don't like my bikinis to tie on the sides so a model like this one is basically the perfect fit for my body - and I honestly think for all bodies in general. Black is also a must as I feel like it slims me down and makes me look more sophisticated.
Also, I'm a sucker for crochet tops so any intricate design will do the favour to me and for a piece like this second one I would give in to the tie on the sides thingy.
If you're not yet into the crochet bikini wagon (yet, I promise you will be) how about trying those hybrid models? They were very popular last year and I bet they will still be spotted at the beaches this summer.

Which one is your favourite?
Se me seguem no instagram (que deviam, @marapickles) sabem que já cedi ao calor e aproveitei a praia umas quantas vezes, uma delas como o meu mais recente modelo de bikini - em crochet.
Não podia estar mais obcecada com bikinis em crochet ao ponto em que aprendi mesmo a fazê-los. Estou entusiasmada com a ideia mas ao mesmo tempo dá tanto trabalho que nem quero começar. Louca como sou, decidi ir à procura de modelos de inspiração na net e descobrir um nicho onde os bikinis que me custam 2 dias a fazer podem ser comprados por 14€. Estou desiludida e sinto que o meu trabalho não é valorizado pelo que estou a ponderar encomendar um deles.
Qual é o vosso perferido?
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  1. Não consigo escolher nenhum, gostei bastante dos 3! Segui o blog :)