07 novembro, 2014



I find it hard to shop on physical stores these days as it seems like everyone ends up wearing the same pieces, the exactly same way and you just get swallowed by the lack of creativity into an unoriginal world of fashion. That’s one of the reasons why I turn to online shops to get most of my key pieces and recently I discovered another one: Tidestore. (http://www.tidestore.com/)
As most of the online shops we find these days, Tidestore is a China based online store where you can find a huge range of fashion pieces including not only clothing but also shoes and accessories. The best part of shopping online on shops like these is that you can get good quality pieces for a fraction of the price you’d pay on any high street store.
For us who don’t enjoy the typical fashion statement look and live on a budget there’s nothing better than getting our unique pieces online.

Onto the pieces on top, I am an absolute fan of statement bomber jackets and they’re one of the most worn things on my wardrobe. I feel like they’re extremely easy to incorporate in any outfit and they automatically bring my looks to life. A floral printed bomber is an essential on my dream closet.

Ripped jeans are also an essential for any season, weather it is for summer to provide a bit of air conditioner into my life or during the winter to jazz up with some cool tights.

One of my favourite pieces I found on the store is that pink studded bag! It’s an absolute statement piece to wear all year around and it just gives that va va voom I always need in my life.

Tidestore is having a huge sale at the minute if you want to check them out. Every piece I featured on top is on sale up to 70% off which makes this the perfect time to get my shopping list checked for this Winter. You can also get an extra 10% off coupon on the site, just check it here http://www.tidestore.com/h/Thanksgiving-Day-29/

All the items are linked under the image!


Sou a maior fã de lojas online porque são sempre o melhor sítio para comprar roupa barata, original, que não vamos ver a passear nos outfits de mais 2947374 pessoas na rua e que têm um toque a moda japonesa e coreana que eu tanto adoro! Recentemente, descobri mais uma com ótimos preços e vasta gama de peças: a Tidestore
Se não conhecem, está na altura de passar por lá! Todas as peças que seleccionei em cima podem encontrar lá e em saldos.


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