18 março, 2014

INSPIRATION | Instagram Favourites


Because I usually wake up at 5a.m. I try to plan my outfits the night before which always ends up with me struggling in bed to decide what pieces should I put together. The best way to solve that problem is to get some inspiration and the source is either Tumblr or Instagram (you can click before to check out mine).I don't really have any Tumblr favourites, I normally just go with the flow but I tend to search for a few people on Instagram when I'm not feeeling inspired. So, this are my favourite girls to stalk, with no particular order.

Alisa Ueno @alisaueno
She's my ultimate fashion inspiration, my biggest girl crush, a japanese model for FIG&VIPER (can you see the deal here?), one of my favourite online stores to check for inspiration. She has a really daring and unique style, quite grungy, quite colorful, quite amazing. And her pictures, don't get me started.

Once again, amazing girl, amazing style. Less outrageous but more classy and clean. She's from the UK and has both a blog and a Youtube channel which I always watch.

I love her style and her selfies wearing those amazing hats I'd like to have sitting on my room so that I could grab them every morning. She's extremely beautiful and her makeup is always on point.

And it's all for today, if you want to know more about my Instagram favourites just let me know! Who are your favourite instagramers?


Como acordo, maioritariamente, às 5 da manhã a tarefa de decidir o outfit do dia fica para a noite anterior, para evitar conflitos de última hora. Como nem sempre é o momento mais inspirador da minha vida, por vezes luto até adormecer a pensar no que hei-de conjugar no dia seguinte e recorrer a duas plataformas costuma ajudar-me na decisão: o Tumblr e o Instagram.
Não tenho nenhum Tumblr favorito para além do meu (acho que nenhum poderia satisfazer melhor o meu gosto), já no Instagram costumo recorrer a algumas páginas quando as ideias falham. 
Aqui deixei-vos algumas das pessoas que costumo stalkear antes de ir dormir. Se quiserem saber mais dos meus favoritos, avisem! Quais são os vossos preferidos?


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