29 junho, 2017


Long time no outfit.

Top and skirt Rosegal Bag ZARA Sandals Ocean Bay

Claro que continuo a investir na escolha diária dos meus outfits mas é rara a vez em que os partilho aqui ou até mesmo no meu instagram, umas vezes por falta de tempo, outras por falta de fotógrafo.
Desta vez gostei tanto do resultado e das duas peças que estreei que tive de recordar o momento. 
Adoro saias mas não consigo conviver com a falta de mobilidade dentro delas por isso quando vi esta no site da Rosegal não consegui ficar indiferente. Para além disso, vocês sabem que ainda não ultrapassei por completo a minha fase emo por isso, como já é de esperar, rendo-me a qualquer outfit que inclua roupa rasgada.
Para equilibrar o look wannabe grungy, nada melhor que ao top mais feminino que vão poder encontrar. Sou uma grande fã de camisolas off the shoulder e em formato crop top são, sem dúvida, a peça perfeita. As mangas poderiam fazer surgir dúvidas sobre a possibilidade de usar esta peça em pleno verão mas acreditem, o tecido e corte esvoaçante mantém a temperatura abaixo do esperado.
Acho que encontrei o meu outfit deste verão. Já encontraram o vosso?
I still care about my outfits although I don't seem to share them as often either here or on instagram - something I'd like to change.
When I first threw this combo from Rosegal on I realized I had to share with you that I had found my summer uniform. A ripped denim skirt contrasting with a flowy girly top came out as the perfect combination for these summer days.
I can see myself repeating this outfit way too many time throughout this season but I don't even mind.
Have you find your perfect summer outfit already?
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24 maio, 2017

SUMMER 2017 | Off the shoulder dress

My 2017 summer wishlist keeps on growing. Now I really feel like I need an off the shoulder dress in my life.

I love having my legs out in the warmer days but sometimes, shorts seem to be a little bit way too casual and chilled for someone who goes to uni everyday. There are few alternatives and neither skirts or dresses tend to satisfy my needs to not look like a 5 year old. So I actually have a hard time picking dresses in the summer and I've found only a couple of models that properly suit my style. One of them, the off the shoulder dress. It's a trend, I know, but I'm definitely drinking the kool-aid. 
I still try to keep my choices quite ungirly but it's still easy to shape this type of dress to your own style and there's actually a couple of styles that fit my needs very well.

Firstly, the denim one. I love denim, give me any piece of clothing in denim and I'll go for it. It's easy to dress up or down and leaves you with a lot of options.
Not only denim, I can't also resist blue stripes. Well, I really like blue in general so the stripes are just an excuse to avoid dressing in blue clothes from head to toe. I feel like this particular blue striped dress would be great to wear at a more sophisticated event.
Finally, I haven't fallen for the velvet trend just yet (even though I'm really into some velvet bikinis, that's a whole other story) but I got convinced over this last dress. I've actually seen some pretty good examples of people dressing down this velvet piece and totally need to recognize its worth.
In the end, if you're like me, as long as you choose a loose fitting off the shoulder dress you're good to go and can even decide to experiment with new materials.
I'm here sharing with you my favourite dresses at the moment from Zaful, an online clothing store where you can find any piece of clothing you may dream about. That's what I love about online stores like Zaful - there's always something on their website you will utterly fall in love with - and I do realize how dangerous that could be. 
Everything is organized on the site in categories such as the one I'm sharing with you today - off the shoulder dresses.

Also, they have pretty reasonable prices so you can easily experiment trends you've had your eyes on for a while and get pieces not a lot of people are wearing. 

They're also very known for their swimwear which includes absolutely amazing pieces for very low prices - unlike you would ever pay in any other store. 
I'd really recomend you check out Zaful, I'm sure you'll be surprised about their range of products.
Have you ever shopped at Zaful? What's your favourite dress from this trend?


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22 maio, 2017

DIY Crochet Bikini

Para mim, o verão já começou e já andei a passear os meus bikinis preferidos pelas minhas praias de eleição. Um deles, este que fiz o ano passado.

É verdade, tal como vos disso no último post, o  ano passado decidi que queria um bikini em crochet e doida como sou, comprei linha e fí-lo. Tenho de admitir que a minha preguiça obrigou a que a minha mãe acabasse por fazer grande parte dele mas eu tiro os louros da sua confecção (amo-te, mommy!).
Confesso que a pancada ainda não me passou e que já ando a magicar um novo para este verão - como se já não tivesse bikinis suficientes. Pode ser que em breve o vejam por aqui ou no instagram (@marapickles)!
O que acham de serem vocês a fazer os vossos próprios bikinis? Já experimentaram?

Summer seems to be here, at least for now and I couldn't be happier. Summer is my season, I'm all about beach days and late warm nights and I would definitely rather to wear a bikini all the time.
I told you on the last post I was really loving crochet bikinis and also talked abut my DIY try last year. Well, here it is. 
I must be fair and credit my mom as she did most of the work and I love the end result. Definitely doing that this summer again, as soon as I find the time and the patience. 

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06 maio, 2017

The perfect crochet bikini

Last summer I tried doing my own crochet bikini but after realizing it was way to much work I decided to go for the easy option and went straight online shopping.

I spend most of the year inside a bikini so it is important for me to choose the right model and style. I know what looks good on me already and when it comes to the design I just follow the trends and eventually get sucked up to a specific style. Right now I'm all about crochet bikinis.
If you follow me on instagram (which you should, @marapickles) you would have noticed I'm already embracing the trend with my newest crochet bikini top.
I know how to crochet so last summer I decided I wanted to create my own bikini. If you want any advice: don't do it. It's way too much work specially when you can find beautiful designs online for a lot cheaper! They will probably look better than the one you did yourself and you will save a lot of your precious time.
After realizing this I went online and found some cool models on Rosegal's website and now the problem is I can't decide which one to order.
I don't like my bikinis to tie on the sides so a model like this one is basically the perfect fit for my body - and I honestly think for all bodies in general. Black is also a must as I feel like it slims me down and makes me look more sophisticated.
Also, I'm a sucker for crochet tops so any intricate design will do the favour to me and for a piece like this second one I would give in to the tie on the sides thingy.
If you're not yet into the crochet bikini wagon (yet, I promise you will be) how about trying those hybrid models? They were very popular last year and I bet they will still be spotted at the beaches this summer.

Which one is your favourite?
Se me seguem no instagram (que deviam, @marapickles) sabem que já cedi ao calor e aproveitei a praia umas quantas vezes, uma delas como o meu mais recente modelo de bikini - em crochet.
Não podia estar mais obcecada com bikinis em crochet ao ponto em que aprendi mesmo a fazê-los. Estou entusiasmada com a ideia mas ao mesmo tempo dá tanto trabalho que nem quero começar. Louca como sou, decidi ir à procura de modelos de inspiração na net e descobrir um nicho onde os bikinis que me custam 2 dias a fazer podem ser comprados por 14€. Estou desiludida e sinto que o meu trabalho não é valorizado pelo que estou a ponderar encomendar um deles.
Qual é o vosso perferido?
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